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What's your turn around time? 

You will receive your final retouched images 7 days after the final selection has been made. If you have a specific deadline within that time, let me know and i will do my best to work towards it. 

What is the location? 

I have two contrasting locations outside a short walk from Bakers Street Station.

How do I pay for the session?

You can either pay via bank transfer ahead of the session or in cash on the day. Additional images can also be purchased for £10 on the day or after the shoot. 

Can I change my hair / outfits? 

You are welcome to change your hair and tops as many times as you like. Please be aware that we are OUTSIDE so you might want to wear a vest top underneath. I will have a mirror to help you change your hair. Different tops and hair styles are great to help show contrast and variety within your images.

How long is the shoot? 

The shoot lasts 2.5 - 3 hours and includes sorting through the pictures after with a hot or cold beverage of your choice.

How many retouched images do I get?

For the standard headshot package you receive 3 retouched images in 10x8 crop with copies in both colour and black and white. 

What if i decide if I want more images a couple of months later? 

That is absolutely fine. Additional retouched images can be purchased at £10 each. Drop me an email and I can get the image over to you. 

Do you do any other photography such as dance photography, production shots or event work? 

Yes I do, for more information and examples of my work drop me an email at

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